LispNYC and ClojureNYC, in conjunction with the ALU, are awarding prizes for demonstrating interesting and useful programs, technologies and art using any LISP-based technology in our 2013 summer programming contest.

But why lisp? Aside from writing great software faster by beating the averages, as Paul Graham said, "Lisp is worth learning for the profound enlightenment experience you will have when you finally get it; that experience will make you a better programmer for the rest of your days."

Even if you're learning and new to lisp, do more in less time by exploring the world of functional programming.

Project submissions for this year are now closed, winners will be announces in December!



  • June 1: signup begins
  • June 24: development begins
  • Sept 30: development ends
  • Oct 1: project submission begins
  • Oct 24: project submission ends
  • Dec: winners announced


Thanks to our sponsors we have over $6000 of prizes to award!


Isn't the prospect of a bright future the greatest gift of all? Participants submitting a meaningful working project which meet the stated goals as judged by our panel of highly respected judges, receive an official LispNYC Certificate of Awesome. It's a powerful public declaration of a capable developer who delivers on his/her promise by completing a documented non-trivial project on-time and on-budget, exactly the sort of thing businesses look for on a resume/CV.


Outstanding projects are awarded complimentary tickets and possible speaking opportunities at the next


( sponsored by LispNYC, ClojureNYC the Association of Lisp Users and you )