If you're curious about what sort of project to submit, just follow our mantra: ANYTHING LISP.

Although Lisp is a philosophy, it's safe to stick with Common Lisp, Clojure/ClojureScript, Scheme or Racket. Python, C++ and Pascal are NOT Lisps. Because it's ultimately up to the Judges, ask before tackling something esoteric.

Even if you can't code Lisp is very easy to learn for first timers! If you're still not interested in coding we'll entertain:

  • serious documentation projects
  • music developed in Lisp
  • videos

You're free to create whatever you like, such as:

  • webapps
  • academic algorithms
  • libraries
  • games
  • utilities
  • mobile apps
  • browser-based software
  • anything AI
  • the written word: documentation, interactive fiction, journalism, McCarthy fanfic
  • chess software
  • entertainment: music, video, art
  • API implementations
  • open-stack/AWS software
  • websites and educational resources
  • Heroku and Google App Engine
  • machine assisted translation tools

Specific ideas:

  • Gendl: FLOATING-FLOOR COMPUTATION: Given room dimensions and bamboo floorboard dimensions, compute possible layouts of floor boards, including detailed dimensioned drawings of required cuts, as well as completed floor drawing with numbered (cut and uncut) boards in position.
  • Gendl: SOLAR PANEL POSITIONING AND SIZING DESIGN: Given a polygonal roof design, list of obstacles (e.g. trees), and degrees of latitude, determine optimal solar panel layout given a certain budget and cost per square unit of panel.
  • Gendl: DISC GOLF LAYOUT: Given an elevation grid and shapes representing obstacles, compute possible positioning for N disc-golf targets, given desired distance between targets and number of allowable obstacles in line-of-sight. Output X3D model of terrain with the targets in place.
  • Gendl: POOL COVER DESIGN: Inputs are points on the pool perimeter in the form of distance measurements from two fixed datum points. Fill in the perimeter with full rectangular panels combined with triangular panels around the edges. Generate drawing of the cover. Estimate material cost. Create cutting and sewing machine instructions.
  • Gendl: VEGETABLE GARDEN LAYOUT: Given garden dimensions and seed instructions, layout the plantings so they have enough distance between them as specified by the seed instructions. Other inputs are sunlight hours, degrees of latitude. Program generates diagram of the beds and shapes representing area taken up by vegetables.
  • Gendl: SKI LIFT POSITIONING AND TOWER CONFIGURATION: Given an elevation grid for a mountain or hill, and tree locations, determine possible placement of chairlift towers according to rules about allowable vertical rise between towers and allowable distance between towers.
  • Gendl: REAR-VIEW-MIRROR DESIGN: - Given location range for driver's eyes, and and B pillar locations and dimensions, rear window location and dimensions, determine possible shapes, sizes, and locations for rear-view-mirror so that rear window will be fully visible.
  • Gendl: FOUR-BAR-LINK EXPERIMENTATION TOOL: Given the key input dimensions for a four-bar-link, generate the geometry for the link and animate its motion. Categorize each link as a crank or rocker.

Discuss your ideas on the public mailing list. Surprise us, do something challenging and remember this as the summer you created something great!

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