Winning Projects

We are pleased to announce the Grand Prize Winner of the Lisp in Summer Projects Programming Competition.

The Grand Prize Winner is Jonas Enlund of Findland who implemented CLJS Fiddle in the area of Software Development.

CLJSFiddle is a ClojureScript playground web application similar to JSFiddle and JSBin. The application lets people write, execute, save and share ClojureScript programs without leaving their web browser.

Jonas Enlund is awarded a $2000.00 cash prize.

We’re also pleased to announce our seven Second Prize winners who are awarded a $500 cash prize each.

Second Prize Winners
Ryan Pavlik CL-Autowrap United States
Dogadailo Dmytro Victorovich MetaJS Ukraine
Janne Nykopp Notewhacker Findland
Emanuele Acri Prolog-talk Italy
Thomas Greve Kristensen Propaganda United Kingdom
Cong-Xin Qiu Schemanian United States
Lars Tveito Shared Buffer Norway

( sponsored by LispNYC, ClojureNYC the Association of Lisp Users and you )