Be a sponsor of ClojurBridge NYC 2017

What is ClojureBridge?

ClojureBridge is an all-volunteer organization whose goal is to increase diversity in the Clojure community by bringing Clojure to groups of people underrepresented in tech. ClojureBridge develops and provides information resources and curricula to teach Clojure, a functional language known for its simplicity, expressiveness and practicality. Using these resources, it supports local developer communities in organizing free, introductory workshops focused on web development with Clojure.

What will ClojureBridge NYC 2017 be like?

ClojureBridge NYC 2017 will be open for women of any level of programming experience. It will have two tracks catering to both novices and programmers familiar with languages such as Python and JavaScript. The three-day workshop will include “Installfest,” where students will set up developer tools on their laptops; a series of lectures on Clojure syntax, concepts and structure; and a project session to develop real-world applications. Professional developers and experienced instructors will be on hand throughout the workshop.

Who is behind ClojureBridge NYC 2017?

ClojureBridge NYC 2017 is organized by Lisp NYC, an organization founded in 2002 that brings together communities of software technologists dedicated to advancing the foundations of tomorrow's digital science. Our focus is on Functional Programming, Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence. Our prior event track record includes:

Why sponsor?

Studies show that gender-diverse companies are better off financially and in terms of team dynamics and productivity. Gender-balanced tech teams, in particular, have better results in staying on schedule and under budget and overall demonstrate better employee performance.

Despite this and today’s ever-increasing overall shortage of tech talent, the number of women at tech companies and in tech positions today remains low. And so is the share of women majoring in computer and information science disciplines.

To help change this, ClojureBridge NYC this year intends to train 200 women in the highly competitive skill of functional programming. We believe that by doing so - and by doing so free of charge to all participants - we will inspire confidence and empower women to take their coding skills to the next level to pursue ambitious projects and employment opportunities.

To make this possible, we seek your support. This enables us to provide all workshop participants with an impactful experience, the necessary materials and, of course, a few refreshments for the day. Your support matters.

How can I sponsor?

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